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AOL, formerly known as American Online, is originally a web threshold and online service provider (OSP). This company is now a division of the company named Verizon Media. The products offered by AOL are designed with the objective of easy access and connection, privacy protection, entertainment, and so much more. AOL Mails is one of the services they provide. It has always been on top of the list among all the others, and AOL Mail login can be tricky.

AOL Mail or AOL webmail became the largest e-mail provider in the world, with approximately 9 million subscribers in the late 90’s. It is a free email service that AOL offers. Although AOL works in the areas of emails, software and downloads, and safety and security, let’s move further and explore every possible aspect that relates to AOL Mail including the AOL Mail login process, issues faced, and their solutions.

It gives life to an extremely safe and user-friendly platform for communication to people across this vast globe. It is a place to just be yourself while staying in touch with all the personalities who are significant to you. But before being able to access your AOL email "", the most important thing is the AOL Mail login or "".


AOL Mail login was initially just in USA. Therefore, it only had an AOL email login Page for USA. But over the years when the company became a part of Verizon Media, it also became an AOL email login for Verizon customers. Later, Verizon announced that it no longer offers email services through requesting their customers to shift and immediately got with AOL Mail login. This was to retain customers and let them be a part of the family.


Steps to follow for your AOL Mail login:

  1. Go to the official web page of AOL- or

  2. Go to the upper right-hand corner and click on Login / Join

  3. Look at the bottom of the screen and select Sign Up.

  4. Type in and submit your details as asked.

And Voila! Your AOL email login is complete.

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The also does not guarantee that any information or software downloaded from this site will error-free or harmless, and so it is solely at your risk if you are downloading a software. Also, we provide services only upon request. We do not send promotional emails insisting on taking up services.

Operating System and AOL MAIL:

  • Windows 7 and newer – The latest versions of Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, AOL Desktop Gold

  • Mac OS X and newer – The latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari

Operating System and Basic AOL Mail:

  • Windows XP and newer – The latest versions of Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, AOL Desktop Gold

  • Mac OS X and newer – The latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari

Operating System and Mobile AOL Mail:

  • iOS 9.3 or later

  • Android 4.4 or later


An AOL account, like other email service providers, faces enough issues. Listed below are a few issues that are faced while your attempt to AOL Mail login.

Problems With AOL Mail Login:

  • Authentication errors while AOL com login

  • AOL mail login site is not responding/working-

  • Unable to access the account through AOL sign in

  • No response while AOL mail login

  • Receiving error messages with “My AOL login

Maybe one similar problem more frequently than the others- FORGETTING THE PASSWORD.


Steps to resolve AOL login email issues:

  1. Checking the Internet Connection- It’s a given that for the AOL Mail login the internet connection has to be good.

  2. Check the Browser Settings- You’d have to clear the browsing history, any cache and Cookies for no interference with AOL Mail login

  3. Verify the AOL Mail Login Credentials- For the times when you have trouble remembering your account details, can easily be resolved by clicking on “Trouble Signing in”. You can reset your password and get an easy passage to AOL login mail

  4. Turn the Anti-Virus off- The installed anti-virus software may cause troubles for the mail AOL login. To resolve it turn off the software to login AOL mail and use it.

  5. Change the AOL Firewall Settings- Make sure the Firewall installed on your device has approved the login AOL site.

  6. Update AOL- To use the AOL App, you have to keep updating it to avoid further issues.


People have been heard saying- “I’ve forgotten my AOL mail login screen name”. Here’s how to resolve this problem:

  1. Go to> Click on ‘Login/Join’.

  2. Click on ‘Forgot username?’> provide you’re an email and your phone number.

  3. Select ‘Yes, send me a code’> receive the verification code and verify.

  4. Choose your account and enjoy.


AOL has been designed and crafted keeping in mind all the standard features- world-class protection from spam, its speed, reliability, mobile mailbox, etc. AOL Mail login may cause issues but offers compelling additional benefits of unlimited customer support. And with several beyond perfect usernames its design, it’s easy to use, be yourself, create good impressions and also, have fun. Users may experience several problems with the AOL Mail login, but AOL team takes care of their users as family and they have a solution to each such problem.