Crypto com Login - Buy/Sell & Pay With Cryptocurrency

Crypto com login: Setup a new exchange account is a crypto exchange that works like a brokerage. Using your local currency, you can buy virtual or cryptocurrencies. An exchange is a primary and essential need for all crypto traders as it lets users sell, convert tokens to local currency, and swap tokens. From Bitcoin to newly launched cryptos, all types of cryptocurrencies are available on the crypto exchanges. There are numerous crypto exchanges in the market but when it comes to choosing an easy-to-use and secure crypto exchange, stands first. This exchange has been developed with advanced security technologies that protect users’ funds and precious data from cybercriminals. Crypto com login exchange is highly focused on creating, collecting, and trading unique NFTs. Users of this exchange can also avail of the benefits of its secured debit cards.

To buy crypto or start using the exchange, people are asked to sign up for a new account. A account can be created by filling up the name, email, nationality, password, and username fields. If you also have these details then you can also create your profile with the help of the information that we are going to describe on this page.

The procedure to get the app exchange can be used via a web browser and mobile app. Getting the app is an easy process and you can quickly complete it by approaching the steps given below:

  1. Head to the App or Play Store using an Android/iOS device

  2. Discover the Crypto com login app from it

  3. Locate the ‘App’ icon and click on it

  4. Choose the ‘Get’ (for iOS) or ‘Install’ (for Android) option

  5. Ensure the device has a stable internet

  6. If all is okay then the app will be installed on your mobile in a few minutes

Method to create a new Crypto com login account

You can get to the sign-up page using a browser or mobile app. After visiting this page, follow the steps that are given below to fill up the sign-up form:

  1. Open the browser or app

  2. Enter the first and last name details

  3. Provide the date of birth information

  4. Choose the nationality in the next field

  5. Type a valid email address in the required box

  6. Create a password and then retype it in the password confirmation field

  7. If any, enter the referral code

  8. Check the box to agree with terms and conditions

  9. Find and click the ‘Click to verify button’ and then solve the puzzle

  10. Now, get to the ‘Create Account’ button and click on it

  11. When asked, complete the email confirmation process

  12. Now, your Crypto com login account is ready to use

Way to sign in to account

Users who have the username and password of their Crypto com login account need to read the instructions that we have mentioned below. These steps will help to access the exchange without any delay.

  1. Launch a web browser or mobile app

  2. Navigate yourself to the login page

  3. Get to the username and password fields

  4. Type the details rigorously to avoid delay

  5. Find and click on the ‘Sign in’ button’

  6. Now, you have logged in to your account

How to retrieve the account password?

Account details like username and password can be retrieved in case you have lost these. This process needs to be completed with full attention. In case you are not confident with the password retrieving process of the account then read the following:

  1. Go to Crypto com login page

  2. Click the ‘Forget Password’ option

  3. Now, type the username of your account

  4. When asked, confirm the linked email address

  5. To confirm your identity, click the ‘Verification’ link

  6. After validating the identity, choose a new password

  7. Repeat your password to confirm it in the next field

  8. Then, get the ‘Save’ button and click on it

Solutions for the login problems

While using the exchange account, users can face login issues. These login issues can be fixed by applying the solutions that are given below:

  • Before heading to the Crypto com login process, make sure that your mobile/computer is connected to the secured mobile network or WiFi network.

  • While entering the login details of your account, validate that you are entering them correctly.

  • Use the updated version of the app or browser to use the exchange.

  • Keep unnecessary app data and cache files cleared from your mobile device.

  • Use a device that has sufficient memory and RAM to use the app smoothly.


In concluding points, exchange allows its users to buy, sell and convert crypto tokens securely. But to trade with exchange, you are asked to set up your exchange account. This account can be created with a little effort after visiting the sign-up page. Once you complete the sign-up process, you are eligible to log in to your account with the use of a username and password. Crypto traders can who want to sign up at the Crypto com login site can quickly do so by approaching the simple steps that we have stated above in this post. We are sure that this post will help you to set up your Crypto com login account without any inconvenience and delay.