Login - Store Your Crypto in Safe Platform

As we all know that crypto buying and selling trend is on rage so security becomes the top concern in this situation. But what is your crypto trading platform is offering a safe wallet to secure your crypto. So here we are with a detailed article on the best crypto holding wallet that is login crypto exchange wallet.

It’s crypto storage you can use to access Binance Chain, Binance Smart Chain, and Ethereum. Apart from being a best crypto storage space it is also giving all of its customers a best platform with a unified approach, i.e. connecting with all other platforms became so easy with login. Another best feature of this wallet is you can easily switch from your BNB for token that have been purchased from login account and more.

This article is all about giving our readers understanding about what login wallet is, how to open account with Binance login, features that make it distinctive from all other platforms, password and security concerns of the platforms and more.

What are the features of login wallet?

At first glance you will feel it like a normal and similar platform like other but eventually when you start realising the unique features of the platform, then it may sound great to you.

  • Users can link their already existing account and use it with Wallet Direct.

  • User can sign up to login with their existing gmail accounts.

  • Recovering your credentials, in case you forgot anything is extremely easy & hassle-free in the platform.

  • If in any case you are using tKey, then you do not need to worry about keeping your private keys safe

  • login account setup is extremely easy.

This wallet is capable of fulfilling all of your requirements. So, what are you waiting for sign up now. If you don’t know the procedure of how to sign up with login wallet, here’s the process below.

What is the procedure of set up wallet?

  • Download the wallet extension in your device from official Binance website.

  • After the successful installation of the extension, the sign-up page will display on your screen.

  • Click on "Create Wallet" on the screen.

  • On the next window, select "Continue with tKey via: G"

  • Now, select from one of the options from account set-up.

  • For an instance we are using Gmail.

  • Now select a strong password for logging in to login account.

  • The given password can be used in case you ever lose your private keys.

  • Write the given seed phrase or create a new one (of 12 or more words)

  • Finally, select "Continue".

  • If you already have an existing account, the same can be used for wallet setup and use the related services.

What are the steps to access a Binance wallet?

  • In order to access your wallet, go to

  • Or open your wallet app/extension

  • Now, locate the profile icon available at the top-right corner

  • Select "Connect to account"

  • After this, enter your Binance login credentials

  • Now, click on "Verify and Connect my address"

  • On the next display pop-up, choose "Connect to wallet"

  • Now, click on "Connect" and provide necessary permissions

Now, you need to complete the 2 factor authentication process and then you are all allowed to start trading from your Binance wallet.

What is the procedure to Log in to login account?

Follow the given step by step guide to access your Binance US Login accounts:

  • From a browser of your device, go to

  • Otherwise, enter " login" in the search box of your browser

  • This will open the Binance login page on your screen

  • Now, type your email address & binance account login password in the given boxes.

  • Finally, hit on the "Log In" button to access your account

Conclusion: login

Using login account is extremely easy and straightforward process. Setup the wallet, fund it and start trading after connecting it to Binance login accounts. Simply, follow the given instructions given in the article in order to setup and access Binance login account. Just make sure you go through these instructions very carefully and keep your private keys, passwords safe.