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Why 123.hp.com?

While mentioning about 123.hp.com, we are referring the official HP website. From here, you will get printer drivers for PC and mobile phone. Moreover, you can install HP Print and scan doctor if you are an existing user. To know more, proceed with the information below.

HP Printer Setup (123.hp.com/setup)

To set up an HP printer with a PC or mobile phone, you need a program through with the machines can communicate. Nonetheless, the brand has designed different software/ app for different devices. Thus if you would install a software driver on a mobile phone, it will not work. On the contrary, installing the right program will give you a smoother experience.

Since HP printers work with nearly every device, you can find suitable printer driver, software, or plugin directly from 123.hp.com/setup. Before you start the printing tasks, you need to install the printer setup. For setting up your printer and a device, these steps will help you without any trouble. To know more in details you can also visit the official website at 123.hp.com/setup

HP Printer Setup on Windows

HP Printer Setup on Mac

1. Connect the cables of the printer with your Windows PC

2. Check for the HP printer driver

3. After the cable connection, you will see a notification of connecting the device on your computer’s screen

4. Click on the notification and select the printer

5. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the printer setup

HP Pinter Setup

1. Click on the "Apple" icon select "Software Update"

Note: This will check for available HP printer updates if you may have missed and ask you to install it

2. Connect the cables and press the "Power" button to power on your HP printer

3. Make the USB cable connection with your Mac laptop/ PC

4. Next, click on the "Apple" icon, then System Preferences

5. Choose the Print and Scan option

6. Press the plus (+) icon. Type your administrator name and password if required

7. Select your HP printer from the list and Click "Add"

After adding the printer from the list, your HP printer will be connected to your Apple laptop. You are now ready to print.

Learn HP printer wireless setup

Wireless connections are entirely different from cabled networks. Here, you need to learn the setting changes and connectivity needs of the devices, the printer and computer. Devices like Android and iOS work differently and thus the process of wireless connectivity is dissimilar.

HP ePrint Setup

To setup HP ePrint, you need to create an account on the official HP server. This will link your printer and the device for printing and scanning tasks.

1. Power on the printer and PC

  • Make sure you have wireless printers such as Photosmart series or HP LaserJet Pro 400

2. Next, you will see an option on the printer’s display to connect the printer with a wireless network. This will not require your PC.

3. Tap or press YES to connect

4. Type the password, if required

5. An option of activating the web services will appear on the control panel

6. Enable ePrint by pressing OK

7. Create an account and set up the email address of your printer

8. Select services and follow the manual on how to use ePrint tools

Now you can print even from different locations. Office professionals majorly use this service, especially when they are traveling. Moreover, you can print documents that are online or saved on your cloud storage.

Steps for HP Printer Setup on Android

The process to set up a wireless printer with an Android device is easy. You need to install a plugin, which will be discussed later in this article. Else, you can scroll down to the part of Android and HP printer setup.

1. Firstly, turn on the HP Wireless printer

2. Connect it with a stable network

3. Make sure your phone and printer are connected to the same network

4. Now, you can perform printing tasks if you have installed the HP print services plugin

This will entitle you to print from one room when your printer is in another. The only thing mandatory here is the same internet connection.

HP AirPrint Setup

HP Cloud Print Setup

HP AirPrint services are specifically defined for iOS devices. If you have an iPhone or iPad, then these steps will help you connect with an HP printer.

1. Connect the printer and iOS device with the same internet connection

2. Install the HP printing app first and then select the image you want to print

3. Select the print option on the image

4. Tap on the print icon

5. Make sure the app supports AirPrint

6. Tap Select Printer and choose to enable HP AirPrint

HP Airprint does not require printer-specific drivers. However, you certainly need to connect the printer and phone with the same network.

Considered as one of the most advanced features of HP Printers, HP cloud printing has entitled users to print directly from their cloud storage.

1. Register with the HP Cloud first

2. Enable ePrint or AirPrint as mentioned in the above steps

3. Follow the on-screen prompts or connect with the HP support team for any assistance

After Cloud Print setup, you will be able to print straight from the cloud space of your PC or phone.

Steps for HP Printer Driver Download installation on Windows PC:

To get HP printer assistant, the process is completely different, which is mentioned below.

1. Open a web browser and visit 123hp.com/setup

2. From the home page, you will either get the option to enter your printer model or Download option directly

3. Enter the HP Printer model number and proceed to download it or click the Download button directly

Another important thing is updating the drivers timely. If you have a pre-installed HP printer support assistant then make sure it is updated. If you have not been connected to the internet and missed the update of the driver then you can check for it directly from the website. If you are not sure how these steps will guide you on that.

HP Printer Support

Steps for HP Printer Driver Download installation on Mac:

Steps for HP Printer Driver Download installation on Android:

Note that the HP driver accessible for Windows 10, 8, or any Windows OS will not work for Mac PC and laptops. To print via your Mac laptop, you need to install HP printer software for Mac. The steps below will help you find the software and download it.

1. Open a web browser and search for HP Printer Drivers

2. On the landing page, you have the ‘Download’ button

3. Click the button and proceed to the ‘Let's identify your product to get started’ page

4. Select your device- Laptop/ Desktop

5. Enter Mac or related device detail in the field of ‘Let’s detect your product’

6. Press ‘HP easy start Mac’ and Submit

7. Enter the Operating system and version and then press the ‘Change’ button to proceed

8. Click the Download button to get the HP Printer driver for Mac

9. Complete the installation after it downloads.

Please note that Android phones do not support the same driver developed for PC. To support the printing tasks via mobile phones, you need to install HP Print Service Plugin.

1. Launch Google Play Store on the screen and search for HP Print Service Plugin

2. Tap on the displayed option and press the ‘Install’ button

3. Let the plugin download and install automatically

4. Launch the app once installed and allow permissions it asks for

After this, you can print the documents from your phone’s gallery and cloud drive as well. To do this, launch the image you want to take the print. Press for more options and tap ‘Print’ from the task list. From the top of the screen, you will have the option to select and connect your HP printer. After the wireless connection, choose from the print option, such as color, number of copies, print type and so. Finally, press the printer icon and you are ready to get the image painted in vivid colors.

More than half of the times, HP printers give a smoother experience. However, in some cases, errors happen. It is wise to resolve the error manually; else, you may end up complicating the problem to a higher level. Below is the basic check for most common errors that take place in HP printing machines.

Troubleshooting the printer

1. At the initial stage, check for the cable connections and HP printer set up
2. To Install the printer again, reconnect the wires properly and firmly
3. Analyze whether the internet connectivity is stable
4. If the printer doesn’t respond to your commands, check if the HP printer driver is installed or not
5. Keep the printer driver up-to-date
6. Put the right size of papers in the paper try
7. Refill or replace the ink tank when required
8. Is your HP printer heating up? Turn it off for a few minutes and then restart to use it

However, if some critical error takes place, look for suitable customer services, which are easily available these days.

Top 3 Reasons - Why Choose Us?

Our HP team helps you to manage the printer with entire print jobs. Since HP makes updates to its software & drivers on a regular basis, we guide you on how to get the updates easily. Besides the updates, you will surely find these reasons to rely on us:

1. Available on call, email, and chat support

2. Instant response with zero waiting time

3. Round-the-clock services available for users from various countries

HP Printer Setup (123.hp.com/setup)

With the help of our HP Printer team, you can track printer page usage, check the level of ink, scan document or image, can take control of all the printing processes and much more. Our executives will educate you on how HP drivers manage your printing tasks and make jobs easy for you. Get help with the automatic updating feature so that HP Printer drivers can take care of all the processes associated with HP printers. In order to install the latest Version, you have to visit the official website of HP.