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AOL mail is an email service that allows you to create a free account and online address book with good storage. AOL mail gives access to send email to your family, friends, and colleagues by just doing AOL mail login. It comes with some unique features such as an AOL integrated task calendar, automatic redirection of spam, and phishing the mail into trashes. Let’s discuss some other specifications about AOL mail.

Important features of AOL mail login you need to know

  1. Per attachment size limit is 25 MB "AOL Mail Login".

  2. You can link your other mail account like Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo.

  3. Its mailbox consists of up to 250 GB size limit.

  4. It supports 3 protocols: POP3, IMAP, and SMTP.

  5. It helps to escape from spam and viruses.

  6. AOL mail also gives an email Un-send feature.

After taking the information about some interesting features of AOL mail now learn about creating a new account at AOL login email. Before visiting www.mail.AOL.com you must check the System requirement for AOL Site

Steps to create a new AOL mail account

To create a new AOL mail account you will need some details such as Name, Number, and DOB to fill the form.

  1. Open a browser on your mobile/ laptop or just download the AOL mail application, IOS.

  2. Head to AOL mail login page

  3. Look for create an account button and just click on it

  4. Fill in create account form and provide your personal information

  5. Create a username and then click on continue

  6. Now go to your old mail inbox, and verify your email address by just clicking on the button click here

Method to AOL mail login

After creating an AOL login mail use your username and password to login to AOL webmail. Just follow the steps given below.

  1. Go to AOL mail login site

  2. Fill in your AOL sign in username and password

  3. Click on sign in

  4. Now you are all set to use an AOL mail account.

Note: Using an AOL mail account is quite easy and simple but sometimes you may face some login AOL issues. Let’s discuss a few of them. You can log in to your AOL mail login page for USA as well by following the above steps. Also, you can use the same steps for the AOL email login for Verizon customers. After login, you can also change my AOL mail login screen name.

Issues related to my AOL login

Authentication of AOL mail

Sometimes you can see a Blerk error 1 massage when you are facing an AOL mail authentication problem. This could be because of the incorrect setting of your browser and update your browser.

  1. Configure your browser setting and clear existing data from it

  2. Now update your saved bookmark on your web browser

  3. Now try to fix your Internet Explorer issue

  4. Try to add AOL.com/mail as a trusted site.

Note: After following these above steps you will be able to fix the authentication problem for your AOL mail login account.

Can’t sign issue in AOL mail login account

This problem comes due to a password issue and thus it results in an error such as the blank screen or can’t sign issues. So make sure to enter correct login credentials and follow the AOL login mail guidelines. Let’s try to fix this problem in the following steps.

  1. Try login into your account

  2. Fill in your Aol login credentials correctly

  3. If still, you can’t sign in

  4. Try to re-open your browser and AOL log in again

  5. Avoid, installing various web browsers as it can change your web settings

  6. If you have forgotten your password try to reset it

  7. Try to access your AOL mail login from a different browser

Method to unblock your AOL mail account

  1. Try to remember and modify your security question for AOL mail to avoid login problems

  2. Go to manage my Aol account by navigating to the tab available at the top

  3. Go to the AOL mail setting

  4. Select the security question and change it

  5. Remember this question and the answer which you have written here

  6. Click on the Save button after that you will reach the My AOL Account Overview page

  7. You can also reset your AOL mail login password by getting a code on your mobile number

Troubleshoot AOL mail syncing problem

  1. Logout from your AOL mail account and sign in after few minutes

  2. Check either issue has been resolved or not

  3. Go to mailbox sync settings and verify all the details available here such as IMAP username, user name, and password, SMTP outgoing server address

  4. Try to change syncing duration timing

  5. Check antivirus settings and try to disable the firewall to solve the issue

  6. Try to run the Windows troubleshooter program and follow shown information onscreen

  7. Disable the two-step authentication until the issue has not been resolved

  8. Try uninstalling and reinstalling the mail app again


For AOL mail login, navigate to the official website, provide your login credentials, and follow the AOL Mail login and password reset instructions given here. AOL mail login is quite easy and simple just go through the article carefully and follow the steps discussed here and you will be able to do AOL login into your AOL mail account. If you have further any query just visit the Help center at the official website of AOL. Visit:- News Hunt