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Since AIM has discontinued its operations, many users are confused and frustrated as the AIM mail login site is no longer functioning. The former email giant AIM has been acquired by AOL. So any attempt to access AIM will redirect to the AOL mail login page. The following guide brings to you various authentic ways to access the AIM Mail Login page. "covid-19"

Easy Procedure for AIM Mail Login

Here are the essential steps to follow if you want to log in to your AIM mail account to send or receive emails.

  1. Start your operating system and navigate towards the ‘Google Chrome’ icon to open the web browser.

  2. Visit the AIM mail login page by typing ‘’ in the search box.

  3. Move your cursor towards the right corner and click on ‘Mail’, under the same section hit the button of ‘Sign In.’

  4. In the ‘Sign In’ portal, enter the following AIM mail login credentials:

  • Screen Name

  • Email Address

  • Password

  1. Check the box of ‘Automatically Log in to AIM when I sign into mail’ and enable the feature of remembering your AIM mail account.

  2. At last, hit the option of ‘Sign In’.

After a quick follow up on the prior method you will be successfully logged in to your account. In any case, if you have forgotten your AIM Mail Login password and could not log in to your account, follow the below-mentioned method. "covid-19"

AIM Mail Login Without Password

Like other email providers, AIM has an easy way to recover an AIM mail account. If you are not able to remember your password and could not log in to your account, follow the below mentioned steps and retrieve your AIM mail password.

  1. Start your system and move towards the ‘Web Browser’ icon to open it.

  2. Head the AIM mail login site or type ‘’ in the search box.

  3. Navigate yourself towards the right-corner and hit on ‘Mail’, under the section click on the button of ‘Sign In’.

  4. In the ‘AIM Sign In’ portal, enter any of the following AIM mail login details

  5. AIM Name or AIM Login Address

  6. Skip the option of entering ‘Password’ as you do not remember it and click on ‘Forgot Username?’

  7. You will be directed to a new window, under the ‘Let’s get you into your account’, provide one of the following details in the given box:

  • Recovery Email Address

  • Recovery Phone Number

  • Sign-in Email address or Mobile Number

  • Now, hit the button of ‘Continue’

The AIM email provider will send you a ‘Verification Code’ to the above-mentioned detail.

  1. Check your email address or phone number, copy the ‘Verification Code’ and paste it in the required box.

  2. On entering the correct code, you will be directed to the ‘Reset AIM Password’ page.

  3. Enter a ‘New Password’ and re-enter the same to confirm your choice .

  4. Hit the option of ‘Save New Password’ and your request to reset the mail login password.

Once you follow the aforementioned steps you might be redirected to the mail login page, now provide the new password and correct email address to log in to your account.

How to Change AIM Mail Password?

AIM Mail Login Via App

Since AIM is now acquired by AOL, the process of changing the password of your AIM account requires you to go through the AOL login page. Hence, follow the below-mentioned steps and change your AIM mail login password in no time.

  • Start your operating system and visit the AIM mail login site or simply type ‘’ in the search box.

  • Navigate yourself towards the top-right corner of the page and click on ‘Mail’.

  • Log in to your AIM mail account by providing the correct following details:

    • AIM Name or AIM Email Address

    • Password for the aforementioned email address

  • Now, hit the button of ‘Sign In’ and access your AiM email

  • Move your mouse or cursor towards the top-left corner and select the ‘AIM’ gear.

  • Drop down the options and click on ‘Account Security’ option.

  • Under the ‘How you Sign In’ there is an option of ‘Change the Password’, hit the same option and proceed.

  • Now, enter the ‘Current Password’ to verify yourself and a new window will appear.

  • In the ‘Set a New Password’ window, enter a ‘New Password’ and re-enter the same to confirm.

  • Hit the button of ‘Continue’ to finish the process.

Once you apply the aforementioned steps and if the password looks good to the AIM server, your request to change AIM mail password will be made immediately. After this process, you might be signed out for the security purposes. Log in to the account by providing the new AIM Mail login password.

We are hoping that the aforementioned methods helped you in logging into your AIM mail account via various ways, in case you are still left with few queries, follow the FAQ section on aim mail.

There are many users who are not compatible in accessing their AIM mail accounts through the mail login page and prefer logging in to their account by AIM mail application. Below are the steps that you must apply if you also prefer using a mail application to access AIM mail.


  1. The below-mentioned steps are applicable to both Android and iOS devices.

  2. Make sure you have a strong internet connection

  • Start your Android or iOS device and navigate yourself towards the ‘Play Store’ or ‘Apple Store’ respectively.

  • Search for AOL Mail Application and select the correct application

(As AOL has acquired the AIM email services, the users will have to log in to their accounts via AOL mail app)

  • Click on the ‘Install’ button and accept the ‘Terms and Conditions’ and let the application gets downloaded

  • Once it is downloaded, scroll the screen of your device and navigate towards the application, click on the same to start and click on ‘Run’ and ‘Open’ consecutively.

  • Under the ‘Sign In’ option, log in by providing the following AIM Mail login credentials:

    • AIM Mail Username

    • AIM Mail Address

    • Password

    • Mobile Number

  • Hit the button of ‘Sign In’ before that, click on the ‘Keep Me Signed In’ to register yourself on this application for future AOL Mail Login access.

Once you follow the above-mentioned steps one by one you will learn how to perform AIM mail login steps without visiting the aim mail login site ( login page).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Related to AIM Mail Login Site?

How do I Login AIM Mail?

elow are the very simple steps to log in to your AIM account. So, follow and access AIM mail in a jiffy.

  • Open a ‘Web Browser’ and type ‘ mail login’ and visit the login page .

  • Under the ‘Mail’ section, click on the ‘Sign In’ and provide the enlisted details:

    1. Mail Address

    2. Password

  • Hit the option of ‘Sign In’ and here you are logged in.

What is AIM Email?

AIM Mail is an internet based email service provider that has now acquired AOL. The service is secure as is an email address from AOL. The users need not be a member of AOL to use an AIM Mail account. AIM Mail strongly encourages users to send emails through their own web interface. To access the AIM mail login page, follow the essentials steps mentioned in the prior question.

How Do I Recover My AIM Account?

If you have lost the email address or the correct password of the account and want to recover it, you must retrive the AIM mail login password. Follow the enlisted steps to recover your account.

  • Visit the mail site via any compatible ‘Web Browser’ on your system.

  • Under the ‘Mail’ section, click on the button of ‘Sign In’.

  • Enter the AIM login details such as your ‘Screen Name’ or your ‘Email Address’.

  • Scroll down and click on the ‘Forgot Username?’ option.

  • On the new window, enter one of the following details:

    1. Recovery Email Address

    2. Recovery Phone Number

  • Click on the ‘Continue’ and check your device and copy the ‘Code’ and enter it in the blank box.

  • If you enter the correct code, you will arrive on the ‘Reset Password’ page

  • Enter a ‘New Password’ and re-enter the same and hit the option of ‘Save New Password’ and your account will be recovered.

How Do I Reactivate My AIM Email?

To reactivate your AIM account you just need to follow the below-mentioned steps. There are two different ways to reactivate your account depending on the ‘Free Membership’ or ‘Paid Membership’, follow as per your type of account on AIM.

Do AIM Emails Still Work?

AIM email login services confirmed that they are shutting down their instant messaging service before a couple of years for good. Although the AIM mail account holders do not have to worry, they can access their accounts via AIM Mail Web Address, as AIM has been acquired by AOL. The account holders must note that they will no longer be able to access their accounts via the same old login page.

How Do I Set Up My AIM Email on My iPhone?

Follow the essentials steps mentioned below if you want to access the AIM mail login page on your iPhone device.

  • Open your iPhone device and navigate towards the ‘Settings’.

  • Select the folder named, ‘Mail, Contacts, Calendars’ and hit the button of ‘Add Account’.

  • Click on the ‘Other’ option and enter your ‘AIM Username’, ‘AIM Email Address’ and ‘AIM Mail Password’

  • Under the ‘Description’ section, type: AIM Mail

  • Under the ‘Mail’ option, enable the ‘IMAP Mail Server’.

  • At last, to set up your AIM mail account, click on ‘Save the Changes’.

  • Now, access AIM mail on iPhone whenever you want.

For Free Membership :- AIM Mail Login

For Paid Membership :- AIM Mail Login

  • Start your system and head to the mail site (You can type mail login in the web browser)

  • Enter your AIM Login Username and provide the password for the same username

  • Hit the ‘Sign In’ and you will receive a pop saying, ‘You have deleted or reactivated your account, want to reactivate it?

  • Hit the but, of ‘Yes, Continue’ and you will be signed to your AIM mail account again.

After you follow the aforementioned steps correctly, your AIM account will be reactivated and now you can easily access the AIM email login page.

If you have a paid AIM account that you have deactivated for some or the other reason and want to reactivate it, here are the essential steps.

  • Open your device and visit the AIM mail login site by typing mail login on the browser.

  • Provide the AIM Mail Login username and enter the correct.

  • Click on the ‘Sign In’ and on ‘Yes, Continue’ on asking ‘Want to reactivate your deleted AIM mail account?’

  • You will be soon logged in to your AIM account then, navigate towards the ‘Subscription’ and click on it.

  • Copy the ‘Current URL’ and open a new window to paste on it.

  • You may ask to re-enter your mail login credentials, provide the same to proceed.

  • Now, follow the on-screen instructions and reactivate your account by renewing your old subscriptions.

Hope the detailed answers to all the questions helped you in logging in to your AIM mail login account. In case you still have some queries, drop them in our comment section and get instant answers. More Information :-