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Amazon is the most well-known e-commerce site in the world. Nearly everyone has heard of it. Amazon offers amazing coupons codes and deals to its customers who are prime customers, as they shop more often on Amazon.

The irony is that the majority of people don't know about these offers and coupons. Amazon created a new page on its website called "Introducing Amazon Coupons" Customers can visit the website to find out more about current and future discounts and coupons.

Do you still have questions about creating an Amazon Prime account? You don't have to be worried as Amazon customer service number can assist you with any questions. activation process

1.Open the app store on your smart phone and search for "Amazon Music".

2. Once the installation is complete, open the prime Music application. Click on "Register at Amazon Website" to continue.

3. You will receive an "Amazon Prime Music verification code" on the screen Save this code in the notepad and head to in your browser.

4. To log in, enter the login details for your Amazon account. Type the "Amazon Prime Verification Code" that was displayed earlier on the TV screen. Check the code to confirm and then click the "Register device” button.

5. Activation will be completed successfully once this is done.

6. Sometimes, users might be asked to choose between cable providers and network providers.

7. Scroll down the list to access your account.


In case you're viewing on your TV, you simply need to open the application and get your exceptional Amazon Activation code. This code will be provided to you when you try to activate a new gadget for survey. You can get a Amazon Prime Video Trial and a gadget Amazon Activation Code. When you get the Amazon Activation code, enter it at or to finish the activation cycle.

Amazon Prime Video Features

Amazon Prime Video can be downloaded to view offline or online, any time, anywhere.

Once you have Amazon Prime Video Chrome cast, you can cast from your iPhone or iPad to the big display.

X-Ray lets you view IMDb data on the songs and actors of Amazon Prime videos while you watch.

Watch on your Apple TV directly by downloading the separate TVs app (requires Apple TV 3rd generation or later)