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AOL Mail login - Visit to sign up and log in

Creating an account and going through the aol mail login process is a matter of few minutes if you do it by using the quick ways that are given in this article. Well, aol mail has been long in the market now and gaining a lot of new users every other day. So, if you are also a new user at aol mail platform and want to explore the wide range of aol features, then you may continue to stay with this post till the very end. Undoubtedly, aol is offering a lot of worthy emailing services to its users which makes them use it to perform basic to advanced emailing operations.

By creating and logging in to an account on Aol mail, you shall be able to send and receive messages instantly, Apart from this, you can also set up other email accounts on the Aol platform by using the IMAP, POP, or SMTP settings of aol. Not only this, you may attach files of up to 25 MB in your emails, and also the email storage capacity is more as compared to other email clients. Thus, if you are interested in learning the complete details about signing up and logging in at, then skip to the sections you want to get information about.

Requirements to create an aol account

To sign up for an account on aol mail, you are required to fulfill some basic conditions. So, check out the details given below to find more:

  • Make sure your device is meeting the basic system requirement for aol

  • You can also download the aol mail app on a compatible device

  • Also, ensure that you have a valid phone number to sign up

The process to create an aol account

Follow the easy steps given below to sign up/register for an aol mail login account. All you need to do is visit the website mentioned below, enter the details in the sign-up form and you are good to go:

  • Begin by navigating to the aol mail login page

  • From here, select the "Create an account" button

  • You will be taken to the "Sign Up" form

  • In the first two blanks, enter your first and last name

  • Now, choose an email address ending with

  • After that, type the new password for this account

  • Now, input your mobile phone number

  • Choose your Birth Month from the drop-down

  • Select the birthday and year

  • Choose your gender and select "Continue"

  • Tapping on the "Continue" button would mean that you have read and you agree to aol's terms and policies.

The process to log in to aol mail

After creating an account on aol platform, you can go ahead with the aol mail login process. To make the login process easier, you should follow these steps in the same manner as expected:

  • Choose a browser on your device and go to

  • The Aol login page would appear on your screen

  • In the given blank, enter your email or phone number

  • Tick the box next to "Stay signed in" if you want to

  • Else, choose the option to sign in with Google or Yahoo

  • After entering your email address, please press "Next"

  • Now, type the password of your account and click "Next" again

This is how a user can sign in to his aol mail account by just following the easy instructions that are given in this section.

Recover username or reset Aol mail login password

If you cannot recall your username or have forgotten the password of your account, then follow the easy instructions that are given here:

Recover your aol username

  1. Go to

  2. Then, select the "Forgot Username?" link

  3. The aol mail sign in helper would pop-up

  4. In the provided space, enter one of the following:

  • Sign-in email address/ mobile number

  • Recovery phone number

  • Recovery email

5.Click "Continue" and follow some easy steps

Reset your password

  1. Go to the aol mail login portal

  2. Then, enter your username and choose "Next"

  3. On the password screen, choose "Forgot password?"

  4. Enter the details of the recovery option

  5. Click "Continue" and complete the prompts


Thus, we can easily conclude by reading the above sections that creating an account on aol and completing the aol mail login process was a matter of few minutes. If you are facing issues while logging in, you can use the aol mail sign-in helper and regain access to your account.