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AOL Mail login accounts have been a great part of people’s lives in the 90s and some users continue to be proud owners of their old AOL emails. In its initial years, it was unstoppable and saw great heights of achievement. However, as the world started pacing fast along with more email service providers, AOL saw several drawbacks but managed to come out stronger.

So, honoring the high spirits of AOL, this informative read will walk you through the features of an AOL Mail login account, the steps to proceed with its sign up and account sign in, the system compatibility for the email, the process of creating signatories and using them, details on the new biometric authentication features, and the most common issues along with its fixes.

Introducing the key features of AOL Mail login accounts

Given below are the key characteristics of the AOL Mail login accounts that have been perfected over the years:

  • The emails you send out can carry attached files up to the size of 25 MB.

  • Your AOL Mail login accounts can receive an unlimited number of emails messages.

  • System protocols like SMTP, POP3, and IMAP are said to be compatible.

  • You can also link other email accounts with your AOL Mail accounts.

  • Your email communications would exclusively, be protected from all kinds of scams and viruses.

  • The AOL Mail login process is designed to get supported by SSL/HTTPS.

  • All the emails you send out will get free spelling checks, beforehand.

Go through the process to sign-up

Mentioned below are the steps to create your own AOL Mail login account so that you can explore and experience all the AOL Mail features:

  1. Use any desired web browser and get into the AOL Mail sign-up page.

  2. Place the cursor on the “Create an Account” option and click it.

  3. Put in all the mandatory data for your AOL Mail login account.

Note: To create your account, you can also choose to use the AOL mobile application from your smartphone. From email communications to news and trending topics on social media, AOL Mail login accounts will grant you access to a refined world of online services.

AOL Mail Login - The process to sign in

Once you’ve completed the sign-up process, you’ll probably require logging into your AOL Mail login account after you decide to log out. Therefore, given below are the steps that will guide you to sign in to your account:

  1. Enter the online portal for AOL Mail login.

  2. Put forward your sign up credentials.

  3. Lastly, move on to hit “Next” to finish.

System compatibility for using AOL Mail login

As you may know, system compatibilities act as compulsory pre-requisites of any digital/online service, thus, below are the system requirements for your AOL Mail login accounts:

  • Windows 7 and post versions- Be it Microsoft Edge, Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or AOL Desktop Gold, AOL Mail works well with the latest versions.

  • Mac OS X and post versions- It works wonders on the newest or the updated versions of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari.

Know the process of creating signatures in emails?

Well, you don’t need to add your signature again and again for every email that you write, if you go through the enlisted process of creating signatories for your AOL Mail login account:

  1. Enter the official portal for AOL Mail,

  2. Use your credentials and sign in to your email account.

  3. Locate and go to “Options” and then to “Mail Settings”.

  4. Place the “Compose” option and hit on it.

  5. Ideate a signature and customize the required details.

  6. Get into “Use Signature” under “Rich Text/HTML”.

  7. Review the changes, ensure their validity, and hit on “Save”.

Note: Now, the changes you just made will be reflecting on your outgoing emails.

Newly added features- Biometric Authentication

AOL Mail login accounts have been evolving over the years and recently they announced the addition of the very new biometric authentication features. It includes the technology to recognize your faces, and sensors to recognize your fingerprints. There might be technical glitches for not experiencing these features but, you might get asked to enable it at any time of signing in. And AOL suggests you agree to it for added safety. However, if you already have it enabled and want to disable it, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit their online portal, and sign in to your AOL account.

  2. Direct the cursor to “Account Security” and hit on it.

  3. Get into the “Face/Fingerprint/PIN sign-in” option.

  4. Now, go for “Remove” and reassure with “Yes, Remove”.

The commonly encountered issues and their fixes

Given below are the usual issues that users face with their AOL Mail login accounts:

  • Wrongly entered credentials

  • Account syncing hindrances

  • No errors and a blank page

  • Webpage connection error

  • Temp. Service Error 500

  • Private or secured network connection

Now, it’s time to move on to the solutions that are highly recommended by the brand:

  • Constantly change or alter your account credentials

  • Put in the correct port address of your AOL Mail login account

  • Keep an eye on the server status for overload (if any)

  • Attempt to make your server work efficiently

  • Get rid of all cookies and caches from your browsing history

  • Ensure taking good care of the security software installed

  • Make sure you switch off the functioning of your security software


AOL Mail is one of the best online service providers in the world and has been evolving over the years. Mentioned in this read are the features, sign up and login steps, system compatibilities, steps to create your signature, its newly added biometric authentication and the most common issues along with its easy fixes.