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If you are new at AOL Mail then you will need to sign up for an AOL Mail account to access its services and features. The sign-up process for an AOL Mail account is not so complex. You can create an AOL email account for free by approaching few simple steps.In this article, we will cover the topics such as sign-up steps for AOL Mail, login steps for AOL Mail, and steps to change my AOL mail login screen name.

About AOL Mail Login

Since 1985, AOL Webmail is continuously providing email services to customers. This is an American email service providing platform that offers to send and receive emails using it. AOL Mail services are highly safe and secured. With the specifications like lowest loading time, safe and secured email service and user-friendly interface AOL Mail gives you many reasons to choose it.

Sign-up Steps for AOL Mail Login

Sign up process for login AOL account is quick and easy. While signing up for an AOL login Mail account you need to provide your personal information like name, phone number, alternate email address, date of birth, etc. Here we have stated the steps that will let you complete the sign-up process for AOL sign in account; look at the steps:

  1. Using a device, visit the or address

  2. On the AOL email login page, look for the “Create an account” option and tap on it

  3. Now, on the sign-up page enter the details like first and last name, email address, password, phone number, date of birth, gender, and tap on Continue

  4. While choosing your username and password for your AOL email account try to make it unique

  5. Now, you need to verify your phone number detail

  6. A verification code will be sent to your phone number automatically, look for the code

  7. Once you find the code, enter it on the verification page in the corresponding field

  8. Then, you will be prompted that your login AOL Mail account has been created successfully

Finally, you havecreated a mail AOL Com login account successfully. Now, using the username and password you can access your account. Let’s move forward to discuss the process to log in to the AOL email account.

Login steps for AOL Mail Login account

To log in to your AOL Mail login account you need to visit the site or simply download and install AOL Mail mobile app on your device. Then, using your AOL login email credentials access your account; look at the steps:

  1. Using your device (mobile or computer), visit AOL Mail login or site

  2. Or navigate to the App/Play Store and download and install the AOL mobile app on your smartphone

  3. Now, launch the AOL mobile app and head to the login page

  4. On the AOL Mail login page, enter your username and password details carefully

  5. Now, review the details and click on the “Sign in” link to submit the details

  6. Finally, you have logged in to my AOL Mail login account

Note: After accessing your mail AOL login account you can manage the account profile and settings easily. You are allowed to change your account password and screen name details, whenever you wish to do that.

Steps to change my AOL Mail login screen name

Whenever you send an email via AOL Mail your name is displayed on the recipient’s screen. This name can be changed frequently as it is allowed by AOL Mail. To change my AOL Mail login screen name, we have mentioned the steps below:

  1. Visit the site

  2. Then, using your login credentials, log in to your AOL email account

  3. Now, under your username, click on Options

  4. Then, navigate to the “Mail Settings” option and tap on it

  5. Look for the “Update General Settings” option and click on it

  6. Then, select the “Sender name display” and update your screen name

  7. Then, submit the changes by clicking on the “Save” button

  8. Finally, you have changed your AOL mail screen name via

Note: If you are still facing any issue with your AOL email account then visit the In case you are a Verizon customer then visit site for more information.


To sum up, the AOL Mail login process is quite effortless. With amazing features and user-friendly interface, this AOL mail login email service is always ready to fascinate you. Whether you are using an AOL email account on mobile or computer, the process to access an AOL email account is easy and clear.