6 Best PDF to Word Converters for Windows

best pdf to word converter

PDF is a popular file format not only in offices and the corporate world but also for personal use. This is attributed to its unified formatting across supported platforms, its compatibility, and convenient size. However, it is faced by editing limitations unless you seek help from specialized tools.

Therefore, there comes a need to convert the PDFs to a format that will offer greater scope in terms of editing. This brings us to our topic of the best PDF to Word converter software that you can implement for that. Many tools have been developed for both online and offline use leaving you with so many choices. This rich list will delve into features to expect from each so that you can decide on one. Let’s get started.

TalkHelper PDF Converter - Best PDF to Word Converter

By default, TalkHelper is already set at PDF to Word option so you will just dive in and get started right away. You will not need to modify extra settings which can be cumbersome for a first time user. The tool becomes even better due to its friendly interface that is pretty easy to go around.

If you are looking to quickly convert PDF to editable Word documents, this is the award-winning tool for that. It has been crafted with the user in mind to ensure that PDF to DOC/DOCX conversion is a smooth task. Retaining the formatting of the original document is guaranteed especially for text, images, tables and more.


Super-efficient converter

Almost more efficient that Acrobat at PDF to Word conversion

Easy to use interface

Bookmark feature

Low Cost


A bit slow to load large files

Nitro Pro - Professional PDF to Docx Converter

This PDF to Word converter for Windows comes both as desktop software and also available as a web-based tool. Cost wise, the only free version is the web-based one. You will be able to upload multiple files for batch PDF to DOCX conversion.

However, instead of providing a download link once the conversion is done, you are required to provide your email address so that you are emailed the converted Microsoft Word file. When using the free online service, it is pretty much limited to 5 conversions per month. Despite the limitation, the number of times you will be able to convert will give you results of unaltered content. In other words, the formatting will be retained.


Batch processing

Text converted well


Only five conversions per month

Some images lost

UniPDF PDF to Word Converter


UniPDF will not require any extra installations when you get started with it to convert PDF to DOC. You have a choice of working with the free or paid version depending on the features you want. A big distinction between the two versions is that the free version can only convert 3 pages only per session.

Ease of use is a guarantee so that you do not get stranded on the user interface. In addition to the simplicity, the quality of output is amazing as the formatting is preserved from the original PDF to the final Word document. You are also not limited to the size of the file that you can convert.


Accurate Image Conversion


Three Paged Limits Per Conversion

Possible Loss Of Text Formatting

Adobe Acrobat Pro - Batch PDF to Word Converter

Adobe Acrobat Pro is the pioneer and most definitely the leader of PDF creation and conversion software available. It has won accolades due to it being very feature-laden for any task involving PDF files. It will deliver full-scale services to you when you need to convert PDF to Word.

It is one PDF to DOCX converter than boasts of a user-friendly interface that does not make you go through any hassle. It features a cloud service so that you are able to convert at the comfort of just anywhere.

It also means that your work will always be backed up by the automatic sync option. when you are undertaking PDF to Word conversion, support is readily available from the Adobe Acrobat team. Besides that, there is an OCR feature to help you convert scanned PDF files into Microsoft Word editable documents.


Maximum support and resources available

Secured and Efficient

Accommodates a large user base


Does not support a wide array of PDF formats

Quite expensive for the regular audience

SmallPDF Desktop -Free PDF to Docx Converter

smallpdf for desktop

Small PDF converter is a sophisticated web-based converter from the first impression but you will be surprised how simple and easy it is to get started with PDF to DOCX conversion. It is a PDF to Word converter that can handle batch conversion without any issues at all.

You are not required to provide any information or go through sign-ups to get started. You access the app free and at the same time remain anonymous when converting PDF to Word. The only time you need to sign up is when you need to access extra features but in both sides expect efficiency coupled with effectiveness.


Sleek and easy-to-use interface

Gives ease of access at anytime

Provides premium features for free


Designed for lightweight use

Limited functions compared to other similar apps

Solid Converter PDF - PDF to Word OCR Tool

solid convert pdf

Solid Converter PDF is an all-around tool that is very feature-laden in regards to PDFs including the PDF to Word conversion. It is a perfect tool when you need text and layout to be extracted and preserved during the PDF to DOC transformation.

It will handle any complex PDF file pretty well and give you amazing output. As much as it may struggle with one or two components here and there, the quality is satisfying in general. You can use the tool free but be ready to live with a watermark unless you upgrade to the paid version.


Supports batch conversions

Easy-To-Use Interface


Relatively costly


It is evident that there are lots of free software and tools to help you convert PDF to Word that you can choose from. Whether you are looking for a desktop program or a web-based service, you will definitely have a tool delivered to you. All that is left now is for you to choose the best one you have eyed and get started.

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