Bitstamp Login– Buy and sell Bitcoin and Ethereum

Bitstamp login is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges. Its headquarters are located in Luxemburg. At initial stage the platform was concerned to serve the European citizens only but now it is offering its services globally.

The platform allows you to buy and sell 5 types of cryptocurrencies. Along with this, it allows you to deposit and withdraw funds through debit/credit cards or savings account.

Bitstamp login crypto exchange platform was considered fully functional in 2011 and till now it is highly preferred by many of crypto investors. At the time of creating, Bitstamp standards a trading amount of around $40 million per day which is significantly low as compared to other top crypto exchanges such as Coinbase, Kucoin and more.

What is the procedure to create a new Bitstamp Account?

There are two types of options to create a account whether personal or corporate. Personal accounts are more likely to be created for personal, non-commercial use only which means all the trades and transactions will be from this type of account will be made using a bank account on the name of Account Owner's name.

  1. Open any secure web browser of your choice.

  2. Visit Bitstamp login page on its official website.

  3. Account registration form will appear in front of you, fill up the form and by accurate and valid information.

  4. Once the account creation process has been completed, now click on “Personal account verification” option located at the same window screen.

  5. Now fill out the verification form and upload the requested documents.

  6. Once the verification request has been approved by Bitstamp crypto exchange platform, submit the required information in KYC form. This form helps you to process your deposits and withdrawals faster.

On the approval of your verification request a notifying email will be sent to your registered email ID.

How to start trading with Bitstamp Login Account ?

After successful creation of Bitstamp Login Account and its verification it’s right time for you to start trading with this platform-

  • Transfer funds in Bitstamp login account with preferred deposit method.

  • Now select the market or trading pair with which you want to start from the given markets.

  • Choose Buy option, enter the amount of currency in which you wish to trade and click “Buy”.

Bitstamp supported Cryptocurrencies can also be purchased directly, using Bitstamp credit card deposit option with your Visa or Mastercard credit/debit card.

What type of cryptocurrencies does Bitstamp login offer to trade?

Bitstamp login allows you to trade in 5 different types of cryptocurrency markets listed below-

1. Bitcoin (BTC).

2. Ethereum (ETH).

3. Litecoin (LTC).

4. Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

5. Surge (XRP).

Bitstamp Trading Sets

There are 14 trading sets available in Bitstamp platform for trading. This includes crypto-to-crypto sets, crypto-to-fiat and more.

We have in fact described the trading sets that Bitstamp products listed below.

Deposit prices are as adhere to:

1. Debit cards: Repaired fee of $10. For down payments of more than $10,000, you pay 2%.

2. Charge card: 5% of the deposit amount (plus any sort of prices that your charge card provider costs).

3. Charge card: 5% of the down payment quantity (plus any type of sort of costs that your bank card provider costs).

4. Financial institution cable television: 0.05% purchase expense (minimum/maximum EUR7.50/ EUR300).

5. Cryptocurrency: Free.

Withdrawal Costs - Bitstamp login

- Debit card withdrawals: n/a.

- Credit card withdrawals: n/a.

- SEPA (European Financial Institution Withdrawals): EUR0.90.

- Financial institution cable: 0.09% deal expense (minimum EUR15).

What are the steps to start with Card Purchase?

  1. Direct towards the deposit page of Bitstamp login platform and select the card purchase from the side menu.

  2. Now the list of available cryptocurrencies selects the cryptocurrency that you would like to buy.

  3. Choose the currency that you will use to pay.

  4. Select the amount (how much) of currency that you would like to purchase.

  5. Enter your card details.

  6. Confirm your purchase.

What are the Steps to Deposit Funds Via Bank Transfer in Bitstamp Login Account?

  1. Log in to your Bitstamp account.

  2. Click on Deposit.

  3. Select Bank Transfer option located in the menu on the left.

  4. Choose the currency that you want to deposit and the balance which you would like to credit it to (if the balance differs from the deposited currency, the funds will be converted).

  5. Now, click Deposit.

  6. Bitstamp bank details and customer’s personal contact number will be displayed in front of you – make a transfer from your bank and don’t forget to write your personal message number as the transfer reference.

Bitstamp login - Conclusion

Now when you are completely aware with the login process and steps to deposit and withdraw from your Bitstamp login account, so what are your waiting for. Start trading in the 5 available cryptocurrency market available for all traders to trade.