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Coinbase Pro Login- a Guide for Beginners to Get Started

Coinbase Pro is one of the best digital assets exchange platforms from where you can easily trade with crypto that to on a level above the basic one. If you have heard about Coinbase, then you must know a bit about crypto exchange platforms and how they work. So, if you ask me what is Coinbase then you should note that it is a place where you need to set up an account and then start trading with crypto as this platform allows you to choose from a number of tokens.

On the other hand, Coinbase pro is a more sophisticated exchange that has been specifically created for users who already know the basics of crypto trading. In short, it is for professional as well as experienced crypto traders. For using Coinbase Login, it is a must that you have a Coinbase Pro login account. So, this article will explain to you the complete details about using Coinbase Pro at its best.

What is Coinbase Pro?

The Pro Coinbase or the Pro version of Coinbase, as said already, is the premium version of the Coinbase exchange. Since Coinbase is a renowned exchange, therefore Coinbase Pro is also considered to have a goof fan base. While Coinbase is specifically for beginners but the Coinbase Pro login is for professional and experienced traders.

How to Start Using Coinbase Pro?

In order to start using Coinbase Pro, you need to set up an account over this platform which is quite an easy process. However, before you move on to the account creation process, you should try to learn more about Coinbase pro fees. Now, let us know the sign up process for having a Coinbase Pro account:

  1. Just like Coinbase Login, you need to go to

  2. Just hit the Coinbase Pro account creation option

  3. They will ask you for your name, email address, etc.

  4. Then, you have to set a password for your Coinbase login account

  5. Now, provide your address as well as the phone number

  6. This is required for the verification process

  7. You also need to provide the details of the valid ID proof

  8. Also, provide your Social Security Number

  9. After your account is set up and the verification is complete, you can start placing an order

  10. That's all about the Coinbase Pro sign up process

Moving on, let us know the login process.

How to Log in to Coinbase Pro?

To access your Coinbase Pro account, you can follow the easy steps that are mentioned in this post:

  1. At first, go to the official portal of Coinbase Pro

  2. After this, click on the "sign in" option

  3. In the login form, enter your Coinbase Pro login username

  4. Then, you need to provide the login password

  5. Check the login details provided by you

  6. Just tap on the "Log In" option to access your account

What Is the Coinbase Pro Fee?

Speaking about the Coinbase pro fees, we can say that it is lower as compared to Coinbase login. At times, it charges you more than 4.00% for making credit and debit card transactions. Thus, if you have to choose between Coinbase vs Coinbase pro, then you should definitely go for Coinbase Pro. This platform looks more appealing to investors in terms of its fee structure. To make transactions on the Coinbase Pro platform, you just need to access your Coinbase Pro account using the Coinbase Pro login details and go to the "Assets" tab.

Is Coinbase Safe?

When it comes to choosing Coinbase or Coinbase Pro, the first thing that users look for is the security feature. When a trader differentiates between Binance vs Coinbase, he would find out that Coinbase is more secure. It uses multi-factor authentication as well as high-security standards to make the transactions more secure. Thus, we can easily say that Coinbase and Coinbase Pro are both secured platforms and you can choose any one of them to trade with crypto.

Is Coinbase Down?

Sometimes, the Coinbase login or Coinbase Pro platforms are under maintenance due to which they might seem to down. So, in that case, you can check back after some and see if it still is down. If it is, then you need to check your internet connection and make sure that your device is receiving proper internet connectivity or not. You can also try to update or switch to another browser to complete the Coinbase Pro login process.


Coinbase Pro is an essential and useful platform for all the users who have now understood the mechanism that goes behind crypto trading. After you have created your account, you can start trading. But, for the storage purpose, you will need a wallet which could be any including the Coinbase wallet.