Dave – Clash Ft Stormzy MP3 AUDIO DOWNLOAD

Dave & Stormzy – Clash Mp3 Download

Dave drops a new song, the new song which is titled “Clash“. is available for your exclusive download.

Listen and Download Clash by Dave below.


Jordan 4s or Jordan 1s, Rolexes, got more than one

My AP cost thirty-one, millimeters forty-one

Stick him up with a stick-stick, he drew the shorter one

You can't short me one, in the club with the shortest one

Lighty, the shortest one, on my mind, Jorja one

Crocodile bag I bought her one, vegan ting, I slaughter one

Freaks, I got more than one, fuck, daddy and daughter one (one)

Tory puttin' in labor, dissed that Jeremy Corbin one

Awkward one, raised me there, wait, hare, tortoise one

I need a ting, thirty plus, Blackberry and Walkman 1s

Look I left my phone and my babies, silent mode

My guys on ridin' mode, zombies, survival mode

He's got a new vest? Man, pop that shield, no microphone

I'll ride for bro, he's next to I, like type and O

The score, 5-0, six to one, for the kicks I love

Twelve-fifty-four like six to one

Babe, can't look at my mentions, that's Area 51

I'm so close to my pension, my left wrist is sixty-one

My left wrist retired

My apprentice tryna get Alan Sugar

There's no way I can