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hey guys what the is up before we get started it's time to set the vibes yes so i have been making only fans content for over six months now so today i thought i would make a video about how to actually make money on only fans if you've had an only fans for a little bit now these are some tips and tricks that might really help you bring up your income or if you are starting only fans right now this info will get you to the place you need to be so there are basically two different kinds of only fans accounts there are subscription based only fans accounts where people pay a certain amount of money each month to be able to see the posts that you make on your page videos or photos or you can have an account that is free to subscribe to but you have to pay for each piece of content since i haven't really done the other form of an only fans account i'm not going to be talking about that today obviously so the first tip i have for you guys is to be consistent when i first started posting on only fans i would post one photo or video every couple days every two or three days sometimes like twice a week that's just not enough unless you have an absolutely massive fan base and are going to be doing only fans as kind of like a little side thing then yeah then you can probably post a couple times a week if you're trying to do this as an actual job and really make money from it you need to be posting every day only fan subscribers like it when you mix up your content going from high quality canon images to iphone pictures to vhs video to photo booth video to iphone quality stuff it really helps to feel like there's a large variety of content on the page and makes it feel worth subscribing to being consistent with your post proves to your audience that it was worth their money to subscribe the amount you post on your page directly correlates with the amount of people who resubscribe each month people actually want to get what they're paying for they don't want to spend 10 15 20 on a subscription they're only going to be getting like a photo every week basically you have to think about it as if i was subscribed to this page would it be worth it for me and if not then you need to adjust that my next tip is be genuine this is such an important important tip you can go online and google pictures of naked bodies until the end of time there is no shortage of nudity and sexual content on the internet by actually being yourself in your post.

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you're giving your audience something else to attach to not just here's my dick in my ass or my tits and my ass like here here are my thoughts here's some talents i have here's some things i've been doing in the past few weeks like this morning i literally posted a clip of me shooting hoops and my audience absolutely loved it a few weeks ago when i moved into my new house i posted pictures of my bedroom and explained to my audience how excited i was to be moving into a new place and how thankful i was that they are the reason that i was able to do it a lot of times these photos and videos are the content on my page that actually ends up getting more tips than even the explicit content this is something that's been overlooked in pretty much every other youtube video i've seen about this subject you really have to get to know your audience you need to return every dm that you get these people are paying for your time so you need to give it to them set aside a few minutes several times each day to get in and respond to every dm that you get i can't stress this enough the interaction is what people are paying for having you personally send them nude content is what they want not just to see nude content from you they want to see what your reaction to them purchasing it is they want to actually feel like you care about them which you should because they are paying for your livelihood as soon as i really started focusing on talking to each individual person and making them actually feel special and unique and like i actually cared about them and their time the reoccurring subscribers and the revenue to my page immediately went up the next tip is be thankful show your gratitude to your audience they're the ones making it where you're able to do this as your job so show them how thankful you are i send a dm out every week or a couple weeks just thanking the subscribers for subscribing showing them how it's been improving my life showing them how much better it is because of their input it's a really amazing feeling being thankful to your audience just makes you more thankful in general now when someone first subscribes to your page you can have it set where a message gets sent to them either photo video audio or just text i've created a little naked intro vlog that gives them all the information that they need to get started on the page.

How To Bypass Payment and Get OnlyFans Premium Account FREE:

i would highly recommend that you do this it really helps the audience get to know your voice get to know how you speak and just shows them a little bit of your personality as the very first thing that they are seeing on the page if you don't want to do a video definitely make a text or photo post that explains who you are how excited you are that they subscribed and how you run your page or any other information that you would like them to know now tips are a way of making money on only fans either in the dms or on any post on your feed someone can choose an amount of money and tip that amount for me this hasn't been a massive source of income but it has been consistent consistency that is the key word here like i said earlier the more you post the more people are interested and the more consistent you are with your posts the more tips start showing up on those posts this whole thing is just proving to your audience what they paid for was actually worth their money and that you care that they spent their money on you it honestly keeps coming back to that and if you can do that tips will begin flowing in for sure now my main income source on only fans besides subscriptions is paid content in the dms this is the other content that is much more explicit than the main content that i'm posting or custom content that i made specifically for one person that they are buying through the dms now one thing you need to make sure is that you are not selling content that should be going on your profile in the dms it should be extra content on top of what they're already paying for it shouldn't feel like you decided not to post something on your page which they're already subscribed to and instead sell it in the dms if that happens consistently people are gonna start feeling weird and unsubscribed from your page on the days i'm gonna be sending out unlockable dm content i always post a teaser on the main page as well as another post i don't want it to ever feel like someone's just getting a teaser as opposed to an actual piece of content on the page now you do need to be careful to make sure you are not overwhelming your audience with unlockable dm content this can get really annoying they're already giving you a monthly amount just to have access to your posts you don't want them to feel like you're just trying to cram content down their throat and get everything you can from them you want it to feel like a nice back and forth you want to space out the content i post a piece of unlockable content into the dms about once a week that turns around a really good profit for me now make sure everyone that buys that extra content you go through and send a message to every single one of them you want to make sure that they know that you care about it thank them for buying the content ask them how they enjoyed it it's so basic but it's so important now finally i have a tip that i have not heard almost anyone talking about and it kind of blows my mind when you are receiving money from only fans make sure you are saving the cash for your taxes onlyfans does not take your taxes out of the money you are being sent and they do track it and report it to the government so the government will definitely know that you made all that money from only fans and if you don't have the money to pay off the taxes set aside you're gonna be kind of thankfully i've known this since the very beginning and i've been setting aside the percentage that will be necessary for taxes every time money comes in if you bring in thousands and thousands of dollars from only fans it's gonna be hundreds and hundreds of dollars for your taxes if you make tens of thousands from only fans it's gonna be thousands of dollars in your taxes don't just spend every cent you get in from only fans start putting that money to the side plus in general try not to spend every cent that you make saving is a really good thing is really really important for being able to move out of just a day to day how am i going to pay for things kind of mindset save your money please i know i'm all going off on a little rant right now separate from this video but bro i used to not save my money i used to have enough money to be able to pay for my bills and if i had extra i would spend that now that's not how i deal with my money because that's not how an adult deals with their money save that build yourself a future don't get by your taxes okay guys that is about it thank you so much for watching this video i hope it is helpful to you you can subscribe to my only fans the link to that is down in the description as well as my newest single pickle rick which you will hear right here on the in screen thank you so much for watching this video spread peace and love and i will see you next time [Music]