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HBO max is giving a head-to-head competition to its competitors in the video streaming world by letting users access all the latest video content from around the world. Using this video streaming service is completely hassle-free if you purchase and activate your HBO max subscription via

If you are on an Android device, iOS device, or any smart TV, this link would help you in achieving what matters to you the most.

Thus, to get the daily dose of entertainment from HBO Max, you can register, get the code, and activate your subscription now.

How? We’ll teach you that shortly.

Initially, create an HBO Max account

Just keep up with the steps given below to start your journey towards accessing amazing video content:

  • On a device that is connected to the internet, go to

  • Click on the “Sign Up” button

  • Type your new password twice and choose a username

  • From the location drop-down, choose your country

  • Provide your postal code and select your gender

  • Enter your date of birth and complete the word verification

  • Read all the given terms and select “Create My Account”

Set up HBO Max on an Android device

Just follow these simple steps to set up and watch HBO Max on an Android device:

1. Open Google Play Store and type “HBO Max” in the search area

2. Choose the official HBO Max app from the result and click “Install”

3. Click “Ok” to start the installation and restart your device

4. Now, launch the app on your Android device and complete the activation via

How to get the HBO Max activation code?

If you are stuck into the how and where of finding and using the HBO Max activation code, then we are here for your help. Getting and redeeming the is a vital thing you need to do for enjoying the shows available at HBO Max. This code is a 6-digit code that can be found in the registered email inbox of a user. To fetch this code, you just have to go to the page from your cellphone or PC and log in to your HBO Max account. Then, you have to open your registered mail inbox and check an email from HBO. This email should contain the activation code in alphanumeric format.

How to activate HBO Max?

You can activate HBO Max on any compatible system by using these quick activation steps:

1. Proceed to the Channel store of your device

2. Find the HBO Max app on it

3. Otherwise, get it from the channel store

4. Responding to the prompt, create a new account or sign in to it

5. Get and write down the activation code from your screen

6. Open a secure web browser on your cell phone or PC

7. Go to and the HBO Max activate code

8. Wait for the screen to refresh and you are ready to stream

Adding a new or guest profile to HBO Max

Do not wander here and there if you wish to share your subscription plan with a guest member in your family. Just create a new profile and give him access to it:

Open a browser on your device

In the search area, type and search for “

Responding to the prompt, sign in to your HBO Max account

On the menu, choose “Who is watching”

You can create a new profile here by typing a new name

After creating the new profile, just click on “Save”


If you get an activation error at the page or while generating the code, then you should wait for some time and then try again later which the correct activation steps as explained above. Just make sure that you are using a network connection that is not weak and you are not currently using VPN on your device. An active VPN would not allow you to activate your plan in some locations. Therefore, turning it off is a thumbs-up. Share this detailed guide with your friends and family who are having a problem with activating HBO Max.