hey what's up guys it's you girl and i hope you're all doing amazing today so what i want to talk about today with you guys is this imvu plus plus app okay so as you guys know getting credits can take either an, annoying amount of time by sometimes even having to spend hours playing other games to get credits or by simply just spending your own real life money but who really wants to do that so i've been doing a little bit of research and i found this cool little website called caps that offer up some really fantastic.

imvu credits generator online

deals and i want to share this particular one with you guys okay so let me show you guys how it works first and then i'll go ahead and show you how you can get it yourself on any mobile device for free just like i did okay so what you have to do is make sure that.

okay so once that's all ready what you're gonna do is literally just launch up the imvu plus plus app okay so what you're gonna see here is that it's automatically generated and injected the credits onto my account okay oh and one thing to mention is that you will never get under 200 000 credits .

imvu free credits generator no human verification

it's their guarantee which is amazing okay and now because we've had our original app open throughout this whole process before launching this one the credits will be showing there okay so let me show you guys so imvu.

imvu credits generator 2021

how you can get the app yourself okay so it is really easy to get this but firstly all you have to do is as i mentioned is make sure that your original imvu app is open in the background okay and just minimized and please make sure that it is not shut down otherwise everything that we're going to do.

free imvu credits generator 2021

is just not going to work in the long run okay so to get the imvu app plus plus itself we're going to have to pop over to that website that i was talking about earlier which is okay so let's go over there it's cat.

imvu credits hack-how to get free unlimited let me show you guys there we go and we'll pop over there right so once you're here there'll be a search bar up here and all you have to do is just search up for imvu and they will be there okay so just.

how to get free credits on imvu 2021

without the original app picking up on credit transfer okay so this shouldn't take more than a couple of minutes maximum but it probably won't even take that okay it just depends on your internet speed so basically what this is doing in the background is linking up your already existing imvu app with the one we're.

free imvu credits 2021

about to download and that is why it's so important to keep the original imvu app running in the background okay so the app itself that we are downloading is you do not play the game on okay so bear that in mind guys this is a transfer app that transfers the credits.