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Method 1 :

yo what is going on guys if you want your somalians and sim cash to look just like this guys i want you to pay attention to the rest of this video i'm going to be showing you exactly how to do that today so all you have to do guys is go to this website right here it's called simcity gamespot.bip slash simcity and as soon as you get there guys all you have to do is first off type in your player id and your player id is very simply found all you have to do is open up sim city and then click on this tool icon up here in the top right as soon as you do that you're going to click on help and you'll see your player id down here in the bottom left corner i'm this is mine right here so i'm going to go ahead and remember that and type it in two one one nine one three two nine five five okay so like i said guys your player id can be found in the bottom left there and all we will do is go ahead and type it right in to this box right here on sim city and i think that's correct cool so and then whenever that's correct you go ahead and hit enable encryption and then hit connect it's going to go ahead and connect us to the sim city servers and as you can see it's connected to our account and now all we have to do is pick how much sim cash and how much simoleons we would like guys so i'm going to go ahead and max them out and then go ahead and click this generate button down here in the bottom alrighty and as you can see it's almost done here it's going to go ahead and run through the whole process here here we go and then the very last step guys is all we have to do is click this human verification button here in the middle of the screen and it's going to tell us to complete an offer below all we have to do is whoops all we have to do is pick any one of these guys and then the second you do one of these you are good to go so let's go ahead and pick this first this one right here and it's going to go ahead and load up on our device guys and as soon as it gets over here all you have to do is select this survey pick some of these answers here okay let's tap here okay and then guys it's very important that you do use your real email and your real information whenever you sign up for this guys whenever you do sign up this is how they're going to verify that you're a human they do all sorts of checks to make sure that you know the information that you put in is valid guys so it's very important like i said that you that you do use real information and i'm gonna go ahead and load up here cool so as you can see it says our email is confirmed and then we're going to go ahead and get to the next part here and the very next part as you can see it's going ahead and generating our reward code and it's like i said it's very important that you do use real information for this part guys and when you do hit continue and then at this point guys we should be good to go so let's go ahead and take a look here cool and as soon as that part's done guys all you have to do is go right back to your sim city app so let's go ahead and open this guy up and let's take a look as soon as the process is finished as you can see guys all the simoleons and sim cash are being added straight to my account and guys you can do this as many times as you would like there's no limit on it definitely go check them out as soon as you can gamespot dot vip simcity

Method 2:

one of the most frequent comments and questions I get is hey blocks how do you get over a million samolians so quickly in your city hello mayor welcome to today's SimCity build-it master class on speedy ways to get samolians in game until now when I've been asked about samolians I've always suggested that people check out my five essential trading tips video where I share some handy tricks and shortcuts and then try to give you a bit of background into the thought processes behind how I play the game and what kinds of decisions I make today I'm going to talk much more specifically about how I made my first million samolians in a lot more depth and then show you a fantastic example from a really sharp and dedicated guy who's developed a similar way of playing and has shared that on his website so you get samolians in lots of different ways upgrading buildings selling products on the global trade HQ completing disasters filling cargo shipments and tapping on opinion bubbles and there are ways you can maximize your time and efficiency across each of those options but one of those options get you the most samolians more quickly over the long term and that is selling items on the global trade HQ through your personal trade Depot it's something that earns you in-game money constantly you can have items on sale while you're playing in actively away from your device and to maximize your profit you simply need to produce the right things to sell at any given level you do that by spending your time to create products in the factories and commercial buildings to sell on the global trade HQ you're converting your time in-game in to samolians which you then spend as a resource to improve your City time equals samolians my approach to SimCity build-it has always been to try and maximize the use and efficiency of both active and inactive playing time across the whole range of factories commercial buildings and products that I can create to any point to a level in the game what I mean by that is if you're playing SimCity build-it then sometimes you're playing actively in front of your device you're tapping away you're doing things in game you're generating samolians and sometimes you're playing in actively you're not by your mobile device but you've set up your buildings to produce things and they're doing that while you're at work or asleep or just getting on with life so when you come back to the game and are playing actively again you can make more simoleons by selling those items or using them to upgrade or send off cargo shipments my point is this your inactive playing time is a larger amount of time than your active playing time so you should prioritize that and maximize how many samolians you get when you're not actively playing I'll talk more about that concept and how you can use your time efficiently in another masterclass video soon today though let's look at how this approach works with samolians very early on in the game it's clear that there are three commercial buildings in particular that will cause bottlenecks and jams in your production if you don't plan ahead the building supplies store the hardware store and the farmers market and one of those buildings is even more important because of the huge number of tier 3 or higher endgame products that require its time at some point during their production Donuts green smoothies bread rolls cherry cheesecakes frozen yogurts ice cream sandwiches pizzas burgers cheese fries all of those items use products from the farmers market and it's the critic path that most of those items follow so you should try to maximize the return on your time obviously depending on your current level and how much time you can spend the solution will look a little different for you personally but having this is a place to start and plan is a great way to get your first million samolians so let's take a look at some live examples here we are in my feeder City we're level 8 so we have access to the first three commercial buildings and a couple of products we can produce in the building supply store we've got nails and planks in the hardware store we've got hammers and measuring tapes and finally in the farmers market we've got vegetables and these all sell for different prices and take different amount of time to produce so now we've got our list of products let's head over to that website I mentioned earlier I recently started collaborating with the guy who runs Sim City Planning guide comm and we found out that we've both been tackling the same problem from different directions so I'll also put a link to the page in the video description below so you can check it out after this video so here we are I've just highlighted the important roses in the tables on-screen and if you look at the far right-hand column nails hammers and vegetables make the most samolians permitted in each commercial building so they would be the products we should make right well maybe with that information you now have to make a choice what is the fastest way in the long term for you to make your first million simoleons let's head back to our city and check out the maximum prices these items can sell for in our trade Depot so sort them by columns here on the left hand side in the building supplies store nails go for 80 samolians and planks for 120 in the middle products from the hardware store hammers go for 90 and measuring tapes for 110 and on the right in the farmers market vegetables go for 100 sixty when they're maxed out let's now assume that I play once a day in this city which is about right I can either make six nails or six planks to sell each day from the building supply store so I can generate 480 samolians a day or 720 samolians a day and now it should be pretty clear that we'd make a different long-term decision based on how often we play so for me in this example I make planks measuring tapes and vegetables for a profit of two thousand seven hundred and seventy samolians every day but if I picked nails hammers and vegetables I'd make two thousand three hundred and ninety samolians a day and instead of making over a million each year we'd only be making just over eight hundred and seventy thousand and the other thing to think about is that as you're leveling up and getting access to newer products with higher prices the difference between those numbers is just going to go up and up and up let's take another example in a higher level city of a setup you can use to avoid bottlenecks and jams to maximize the use of your commercial buildings let's also assume for a minute you'll max down on production slots so you've got eleven free slots in each building and you can make eleven of each product every day bricks measuring tapes home textiles garden furniture donut's caps televisions you're using the farmers market to produce flour bags for the donuts and the fast-food restaurant doesn't get used so you're making fifty thousand one hundred and sixty samolians each day or eighteen million three hundred and eight thousand four hundred samolians a year compare that with the lowest item in each store and let's go further and include the farmers market and the fast-food restaurant and assume you can use them as well for nails hammers vegetables chairs grass doughnuts watches cheese fries and barbecue grills for forty four thousand five hundred and fifty samolians a day or sixteen million two hundred and sixty thousand seven 150 samolians a year so the difference between those two setups alone is over two million simoleons less each year and that's a lot of police stations fire stations hospitals and Parks you could buy with a better setup so I'm going to wrap it up for this video today just remember you need to find the right setup for you use the process I've described take a look through the tables over at Sim City Planning guide comm to help you out and get on the way to your first million simoleons please let me know in the comments if this video helped you out and what products you're making and what level your city is I'd love to hear how you're getting on see you next time mayor's for another SimCity build-it masterclass have a great day