Norton 360 Setup - Enter Norton Setup Product Key

Norton 360 Setup is one of best substitutive for protecting your system against malicious cyber-attacks. Norton software package includes antivirus program, a personal firewall, phishing protection, PC backup, VPN security and more. Norton 360 setup is compatible with Android, Mac, Windows or iOS. Unlike from every antivirus software, the Norton antivirus software have features like full system scan or quick scan, along with some additional features such as scanning particular file or location with custom scan option. One purchase made for Norton 360 means; you are fulfilling all security needs of your system at once.

Look for all the required information related to Norton 360 installation, how to obtain Norton 360 product key and learn how to install and uninstall Norton 360 setup to safeguard your system and mobile device from security threats. Get detailed knowledge on how to install Norton 360 by two ways- from your Norton account or from Norton software that is already been installed in your computer.

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What is included in Norton 360 Setup Main Window?

There are basically four tabs included in main window and help topics that will let you navigate to the desired section easily:

        • The first tab is titled Security. Here, you can run and customize the scans according to your preference. You can also manage security settings, create firewall rules, update Norton, and so on.

        • In main Norton Antivirus window, the second tab is Internet Security, where you can choose from different topics. From this, you can get assistance on how to safeguard yourself from different online scams, phishing, malicious websites, etc.

    • The third tab is titled as Backup where you can track the details of the files that Norton has secured for you.

        • Fourth Tab is named as Performance in which you can view system activities, monitor the tasks performed by Norton, etc.

Steps to initiate

  • Go to for Norton Setup.

  • Sign In or Create a new Norton Account.

  • Find your Norton Product Key.

  • Enter Norton Product key.

  • Download Norton Setup and follow the given On-Screen instructions.

  • Finish the Installation Process and Run the Application.

How to create Norton 360 account?

First and foremost, create your own secured Norton account and proceed with the steps given below for download, installation and activation of Norton 360 account.

  1. Go to

  2. Then, locate “My Accounts” option.

  3. Now click on “Sign Up” option.

  4. You will be asked to enter all the details regarding sign in for your Norton account.

  5. Next, use account username and account password to log-into the account.

  6. After that, abide by the terms and conditions of Norton by checking in the Agree tab.

  7. Once the account is created, you will get the notification regarding the same.

Note: Still, if you are facing any trouble while accessing the web page, recheck your entered URL matches with the On the web page of Norton, you will find various tabs for respective actions.

Downloading Norton on Primary Device

Follow these given step-by-step instructions for download the Norton 360 setup on PC and accessing the home page.

  • Visit the Homepage of Norton via this link-

  • Then, locate My Account section.

  • Click on the Download button there.

  • Now, choose your desired option as downloading preference:

      • Download on this device

      • Download on another device

  • If you wish to download the setup on the same device, then click on “Download on this System” option from the expanded menu.

  • After that, the downloading setup will initiate after a while.

  • Wait for the completion of the downloaded setup.

Downloading Norton Antivirus on Another Device

Other than downloading Norton on primary device, another option is for downloading Norton Antivirus on another device. There are little modifications in the downloading procedures for installing the setup on another device.

Given below are the straightforward steps to know how it is possible to download on another Norton Antivirus on other device with ease.

  1. Launch the internet browser.

  2. Then, hit the URL section and insert “”

  3. Control will be redirected to the home page of Norton.

  4. Navigate to My Account section & click on Log-In tab.

  5. Enter the required information such as mail address, username and passcode for sign-in.

  6. After that, hit the option “Download.”

  7. Next, press the option “Download on another Device.”

  8. Now, you need to enter the email address on which you want to access the account.

  9. Click on the option “Send Download Link.” The download link will automatically send to the mail address that you have entered.

  10. Now open the mail in your secondary device in order to initiate Norton setup.

  11. Open the executable file related to download. A download link will appear, just tap on it.

  12. The Norton 360 setup will start downloading on the device. You have to wait for some time for the complete procedure.

Installing Norton on Your System

After you have successfully downloaded the setup according to your desired location whether on same device or on secondary device via, now it’s time to begin the installation process.

  1. Open the run dialogue box by clicking on Window R Key Enter to launch.

  2. Now, enter “Norton” into the search area and press OK button.

  3. Hit the appeared section of Downloads.

  4. Locate Norton and tap on it.

  5. The installation will start immediately after tapping on the exe file.

  6. Alert message will pop-up on screen once the Norton antivirus is properly installed on your device.

How to activate Norton 360 setup on your system?

You can resister yourself in any of the numerous subscription plan available according to your will. For enabling premium subscription, activation process is required. After Norton 360 setup installation, it is requiring to activate the product in order to avail all of its advance and dynamic features.

User need to be ready with activation code to proceed further with the Norton 360 setup activation process.

  • Locate the taskbar at the bottom section of the system window.

  • Now, click on the Start menu.

  • Launch the search bar and then enter Norton in the search section.

  • Run the Norton 360 setup file extension bar and move to the “My Accounts” section.

  • Sign-In to your account with accurate credentials.

  • Hit the tab “My Subscription” there.

  • Choose the subscription plan as per your preference.

  • Enter all the digits related to activation code very carefully.

  • Now, click on the submit button.

  • The preferred subscription will be activated shortly.

What is the procedure to locate 25-Characters Norton Activation Key?

To activate the Norton 360 setup have a look on the steps given below to activate it without any trouble at all:

1. Locate Norton 360 setup software in your system and open it.

2. Look for the Norton activation key to activate it.

3. If you made a purchase through online via, then you will receive an email with the activation key from Norton on your registered email address. Open your mail box and look for the Norton mail and then locate the 25-characters activation key.

4. If you bought a CD or DVD from the stores, then the Product key will be printed on the backside of the product casing.

5. Now, you are all ready to enter 25 characters alphanumeric product key for complete Norton 360 installation in your system.