- Activate Twitch on Roku, PS4, Xbox, and more is the official and genuine link to register yourself and access all the amazing gaming content on a compatible device. Twitch has completely changed our perspective on how we used to access online content in the past years. This is probably the best platform for gamers and those who want to get access to the world’s best content. Here, you can involve in a real-time conversation with other fans and share your views on particular content. Just go to and start making the best of your time.

To activate Twitch on a compatible device, just make sure that you get the code and use it in the procedures specified in this write-up.

Get the code for Twitch TV activate

  • Install the Twitch TV app from the application store

  • Just click on the app icon after downloading it

  • After getting into the app, just register yourself

  • Provide all the details in the given areas

  • Get the verification process done and there you have your account

  • Go to the settings of your TV and add Twitch as a new channel

  • Open a browser and type “” in the search area

  • Sign in to your Twitch account to get the Twitch TV activate code

  • Enter it in the activation screen on your TV

  • Click on the “Activate” option

Create a Twitch TV account

  • Search and install the Twitch TV mobile app

  • Launch the app and click on the “Sign Up” option

  • Use a working mobile number and email address to sign up

  • Post filling up all these details, click “Sign Up”

  • A 6-digit verification code will be shown to you

  • Please enter this code within 5 minutes of receiving it

How to activate Twitch TV on Xbox?

  • Just follow these steps for Twitch TV activate on an Xbox of any variant:

  • Go to the Xbox Store and get the Twitch app on your device

  • Click “Log In” and sign in to the Twitch account

  • From a browser on your phone or PC, go to

  • Just enter the activation code that was shown to you

  • Click “Ok” to finally watch a content

Twitch TV activate on Roku

Roku owners just need to follow the directions that we are going to give:

  • Search the channel store of your Roku device for Twitch

  • Log In to your Twitch TV account on Roku

  • From and Android/iOS/PC, visit

  • Enter the activation code that is shown on your Roku TV

  • Click “Ok” to enjoy streaming

From generating the code to entering it in its respective place, the complete procedure is very simple:

  • Begin by creating an account for Twitch TV

  • After the registration, go to the Twitch TV activate site

  • The activation code of 6-digits will be generated on your device

  • The moment you generate the code, you will see a space on your device to enter it

  • Enter this code very carefully on the activation screen

  • Just click on the “Activate” button for unlimited streaming

What can you watch on Twitch TV?

As stated above, Twitch Tv is the perfect space for gamers where they can explore through a lot of video content and socialize with other fans as well. After activating Twitch TV on your device, you can just stream through any content or choose one from the list:

  1. Just Chatting

  2. Indie Games

  3. Party Games

  4. Community Games

  5. MMO Games

  6. Strategy Games

These are some of the categories you can choose to stream from and play on your PS4.


If you are unable to reach the link from your device, just make sure that the VPN services on your device are not enabled. Streaming content through Twitch TV could be a greater experience if you connect your device to a stable and high-speed connection. Just pull up the content that interests you and stream it from the Twitch App on a compatible device. Just follow the exact guidelines and you will not face any streaming or activation issues.