Windows 11 Download: How to Get Microsoft's Free Update

A Learn-How to Upgrade your PC to Windows 11

Microsoft has upgraded its operating system to its latest version that has been named Windows 11. Users of Windows devices can get this version on their PCs by fulfilling the system requirement and other eligibility criteria. Windows 11 comes with a fresh and fluent design as the start button has been moved from corner to middle of the screen along with the taskbar. There are so many strong reasons to download Windows 11 on your PC or desktop. This version comes with a widget and new app icon style and a fast user experience. People who are still using the older versions of Windows can get the newest version for free. You can also go with the Windows 11 download process to get the latest version of its operating system by visiting the Microsoft official site.

Users can also do so by visiting the “Update and Security” section of their PC. So, in case you want to grab the opportunity of installing Windows 11 on your device but are not sure with the process to do so then you need to refer to this post. But before that let’s learn about the basic system requirements and top features of Windows 11.

Basic System Requirements for the Windows 11

Users who are looking to install Windows 11 on their PCs or desktop need to fulfil system requirements that are mentioned below:

Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster, compatible 64-bit processor or SoC

RAM: 4GB at least or more

Storage: 64GB at least or more

System Firmware: UEFI and Secure Boot capable must be installed


Graphics Card: the driver should be at least DirectX 12 or later with WDDM 2.0 driver

Display:It should be of at least 720pixels, 8-bit per color channel, and at least 9-inch diagonal or more

To complete the up-gradation process of the Windows OS, make sure that your system is connected to the high-speed internet. You will also need to provide a Microsoft account details to install to download Windows 11 on your system. Ensure there is no electricity and internet problem in your area otherwise you may delay in completing this process.

Top Features of the Windows 11 download

Windows 11 comes with some unique features that are as follows:

  • Different designs of app icons and home screen

  • Comes with a widget and an easy-to-search feature

  • New health-check app feature for your PC

  • Increases the performance of the PC

Way to Windows 11 download via Installation Assistant

Before you move to downloading process, you must have Windows 10 license to complete the downloading process without any issue or delay. Make sure that your computer is connected to your WiFi network and it is in working mode.

  1. Using a device browser, visit the Microsoft Official Site

  2. Head to the software download site

  3. Find and click the “Download” button on this page

  4. Now, let the installation assistant file be downloaded on your device

  5. After installing the file, find it and double-click on it

  6. Now, choose the “Run as administrator” option on your desktop/PC

  7. Once the tool validates that your device is compatible, click the "Accept and Install" button

  8. Then, find and click the “Restart Now” button

  9. Wait until your device does not finish the up-gradation process

  10. After a few hours, Windows 11 will be installed on your computer

Method to download Windows 11 via Settings

Users who are using Windows 10 licensed version on their PCs and desktops can also download Windows 11 by visiting the settings on their devices. Avoid turning off the computer during the up-gradation process and keep the device connected with the electricity.

  1. Turn on your Windows 11 computer

  2. Head to the “Settings” on your computer

  3. Now, you need to find and click the “Update and Security” option

  4. Find and click the “Windows 11 download” button to start the downloading process

  5. Now, wait until the Windows 11 is being downloaded on your computer

  6. After downloading, keep your computer connected with the power and then restart the device

Your device may take hours in getting the Windows updates ready. During installation, you should avoid using the power button and ensure that your system is connected to the electricity.


In short, the Windows 11 download process can be executed on your computer via installation assistant and by visiting the “Update and Security” section. Users who want to update their Windows computers but are puzzled by the way to do so need to go through the steps that are given above on this page. To avoid issues in this process, using the installation assistant to download Windows 11 would be a smart job. We hope that you have upgraded your Windows computer to Windows 11 by referring to this post.