Roku is streaming platform that allows a user to watch free and paid content by providing you access to thousands of TV channels. One can easily connect the Roku account access on TV using high speed internet connectivity.

Roku devices has pre downloaded streaming platforms like Netflix, amazon.com/mytv code, Hulu, Sling TV, YouTube and so many more that allows a user to watch free and premium content with the use of internet. Similarly, like a downloaded app on your smartphone.

Roku.com/link enables a user to activate the Roku streaming platform.

Primary requirement for the activation of Roku stream device is Roku Activation Code which is applicable to all Roku devices and is going to be used for Roku Installation and Setup.

Before purchasing a Roku device, a user must acquaint Roku Express and Streaming Stick+. Here is one stop guide to Roku Device that will to your every question related to Roku Device, Roku Activation problems and Roku setup.

How to Setup my Roku account using Roku.com/link?

1. For initiating the Roku Device setup, you have to connect the Roku TV or Roku streaming device to the internet.

2. Launch it on the TV screen, once you are connected and an activation code will be displayed.

3. After that, you need a smartphone or laptop to open a URL roku.com/link.

4. Now you will be asked to enter activation code in the dialogue box that is displayed on the Roku TV.

5. Enter the Roku activation code on the web browser and click on Submit button.

6. Now you have two options Create a Roku account or Log In.

7. In case you do not have a Roku account you can easily create one by visiting roku.com/signup and follow the on-screen instructions. Else, with your login credentials you can sign in into your existing Roku Account.

8. Once completed the success message displaying “You're All Set up” and “Happy Streaming” will be shown on the screen.

9. Roku device will take a few minutes to update the software and then you can enjoy your Roku streaming services.

What is the procedure to add channels to my Roku device?

You can add different multiple channels on your Roku TV from the list of free, paid, and private channels. You can choose any of them as per your preference and requirements.Here is the step-by-step guide to add channels to your Roku Device easily

1. Press the home button on the Roku remote that will take you to the home screen.

2. Go to the 'Streaming Channels' option and click on OK button.

3. Now, search for the name of the channel that you want to add.

4. Select the 'Add Channel' button to add the channel to your www.roku.com/link.

5. You added channel will appear in your device, if it doesn’t appear in the list go for system update.

How to fix error roku.com/link not working?

Due to various reasons Roku.com/link not working error occurs. You can recheck these given tips in order to make things work in your favour-

  • Firstly, check whether your internet connections is working at high speed. Poor network quality leads to connection failure.

  • Try rebooting the system and follow the process of activation again, if issue still exists.

  • Most probably your Roku.com/link not working the problem would have been solved with above given tips but if not then you can try factory reset the device and follow the activation process.

  • Else, you can contact roku.com/link customer support for assistance.

How to Create/ Setup for a new Roku Account?

· To get started with Roku account creation/sign up, visit https://my.roku.com/signup.

· Now you will be asked to fill the required mandatory data such as Name, Email ID, Password, and click on the submit tab. Make sure you fill accurate and complete information.

· Now under new Roku account creation you have three choices-

· Always require a Pin to make purchases.

· Require a pin to make the purchase and add items. (Recommended)

· The pin is not required to make the purchase and add items.

· Choose the recommended option as it is safe and helps you to avoid making unwanted purchases.

· Now, Update the Payment information to create a Roku account.

· If you want to create a Roku account without a credit card, then you can skip this step and proceed further.

· Once completed visit https://my.roku.com/signin to sign in to the account with the accurate credentials that you have submitted while sign up for a new Roku account.

Hardware setup and perquisites for Roku TV

1. Once you are done with Roku account creation you need to switch on the TV.

2. Now attach the Roku device, select HDMI port on your TV to connect.

3. Ensure that connectivity between all devices is fine and all cables are firmly attached.

Moving on to the final step for Roku TV Setup

1. Power on the TV and press the “Home” button on the Roku TV remote.

2. A guided setup screen will be displayed. You can now follow on screen instructions to set up the device.

3. Now you can start Roku.com/link activation process.