The Louisiana Purchase

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As the French Called it, Vente de la Louisiane "Sale of Louisiana" was the acquisition by the United States of America of 828,000 square miles from France's area of Lousiana in 1803; President Thomas Jefferson purchased the territory of Louisiana from the French government for $15 million. The Louisiana Purchase stretched from the Mississippi River to the Rocky Mountains and from Canada to New Orleans, and it doubled the size of the United States. In order to provide enough land to sustain this ideal population of virtuous yeomen, the United States would have to continue to expand.

A President looked doen upon:

Many people beleved that Jefferson's move on acquiring territory as un constitutional and they looked down upon him for it. He knew that he made a good choice but as was mentioned above, many people thought of it as "non-american" to aquire more land.

1803 Compared To Now:

We can comapre the Louisiana Purchase to now in many ways. The United States of America has 50 States. We aquired Alaska and Hawaii in the late 1900's. We bought those lands just like the US, in 1803, bought most of France's part of North America.

How this changed America forever:

If we didn't buy the French territory, we wouldn't have the vast country we have now. We would be constricted to the east-coast.

Territories of Spain that encompassed land that was part of the Louisiana Purchase:

  • Florida, 1565–1763

  • Santa Fé de Nuevo Méjico, 1598–1821

  • Tejas, 1690–1821

  • Luisiana, 1764–1803

  • Florida Occidental, 1783–1821

Territory of France that encompassed land that was part of the Louisiana Purchase:

  • Louisiane, 1682–1764 and 1803

U.S. states that encompass land that was part of the Louisiana Purchase:

  • State of Louisiana, 1812

  • State of Missouri, 1821

  • State of Arkansas, 1836

  • State of Texas, 1845

  • State of Iowa, 1849

  • State of Minnesota, 1858

  • State of Kansas, 1861

  • State of Nebraska, 1867

  • State of Colorado, 1876

  • State of North Dakota, 1889

  • State of South Dakota, 1889

  • State of Montana, 1889

  • State of Wyoming, 1890

  • State of Oklahoma, 1907

  • State of New Mexico, 1912

U.S. territories that encompassed land that was part of the Louisiana Purchase:

  • Territory of Orleans, 1804–1812

  • District of Louisiana, 1804–1805

  • Territory of Louisiana, 1805–1812

  • Territory of Missouri, 1812–1821

  • Territory of Arkansas, 1819–1836

  • Indian Territory, 1834–1907

  • Territory of Iowa, 1838–1849

  • Territory of Minnesota, 1849–1858

  • Territory of New Mexico, 1850–1912

  • Territory of Kansas, 1854–1861

  • Territory of Nebraska, 1854–1867

  • Territory of Colorado, 1861–1876

  • Territory of Dakota, 1861–1889

  • Territory of Montana, 1864–1889

  • Territory of Wyoming, 1868–1890

  • Territory of Oklahoma, 1890–1907