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Kurdish music is a common language of the Kurdish people. This music is very rich due to the spread of Kurds around the world and the variety and diversity of Kurdish areas, including in West Asia and the Middle East. Kurdish music includes the sounds of songs and melodies that are expressed in Kurdish and express the values, beliefs and events of the time that are in the branch of Kurdish culture and folklore. This music consists of two parts, classical and modern, each of which has its own types and branches.

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The second type of this music is called "Hooreh", which is specific to the Kurds of Ilam and Kermanshah and is sung in southern Kurdistan and the Kermanshah region (the Kurdish name for this region is Kermanshah) and Ilam. Zoroastrian roots, which were written for the religious worship of the Kurds, who at that time were Zoroastrians.

The Kurdish song is also divided into different sections, which most fans turn to a happy Kurdish song.

At the funeral service for many important people, the Kurds complain about a type of music that is similar to mourning and mourning in the form of a song and defining the characteristics of that person. This style of music is more common in southern Kurdistan and in the southern regions of Iranian Kurdistan (Kermanshah and Ilam) and is more commonly called more or less. In the funeral rite, a combination of Dahl and Serena is performed with a special rhythm in the form of music called Chamri. In the Prophet's birthday rituals, the Kurds perform a special type of music called the Nativity. Of course, the reading of the Nativity is common in most Muslim societies. The first letter of the Nativity in the description and praise of Muhammad was written by the famous Sufi and mystic Malabatadi, who later became accustomed to using his verses while reading the Nativity.

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